Parenting/Child Custody

Parenting of minor children is a central concern in legal proceedings.  Because of their dedicated focus on family law issues, Attorney David Talbert Huber and his staff can help you address all of the issues that arise.  Every State in the United States has detailed and complicated legal requirements not only for financial needs of every child, but also for scheduling and allocation of decision making by each parent and adult with responsibility for a child for all areas of a child’s life.  The State of Washington requires you to address:

  • Parenting Plans
  • Child Custody and Scheduling
  • Decision Making on Major and Minor Issues
  • Educational Choices
  • Medical Care
  • Religious Issues
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Modifications to Parenting Plans
  • Relocation of a Parent or Child
  • Child Support
  • Child Related Expenses in Addition to Child Support
  • Non-Parental Child Care
  • Restrictions in Access to Children

A Parenting Plan in King County sets forth the legal requirements for dealing with schedules, decision-making, duties, responsibilities and rights for each child and parent, including medical care, schooling, extra-curricular activities, vacations, restrictions, travel permissions, relocation of a parent, etc.  Attorney David Talbert Huber has decades of experiencing assisting clients to develop their Parenting Plans through consultation, negotiation, mediation, Collaborative Law Practice, arbitration, and, as a last resort, trial.  The best Parenting Plans are generally those that are developed through cooperation when that path is available.

Financial Support for Children Washington law requires parents to take financial responsibility for their children.  Each legal case involving children must have an Order of Child Support based in Washington State Child Support Worksheets.  Support issues can range from the simple to the complex. Attorney David Talbert Huber understands the child-support laws of Washington, from basic child support transfer payments to complex child support situations with blended families, children in multiple families, families with special needs children, and issues of support going beyond age 18 and including post-secondary education support. He works to understand your individual circumstances and so that he may provide you with practical, effective solutions.  He uses his education, experience, legal skills and in-depth knowledge of child support in family law cases in King County, Washington to help you get the right results for your family.

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