Family Law

My family law practice has developed over three decades and I have personally handled hundreds of family law cases; No two cases have been the same. Some were very simple and straight forward, not needing much legal work to achieve good results. Others have been very complicated and challenging.

The Attorney-Client Relationship in Family Law

An attorney-client relationship in a family law case is more than a matter of technical competence of the lawyer. Many lawyers are technically competent to do the legal work.  But excellence in law practice must also be rooted in personal service to the client, and tailored to each client’s particular needs.

Your lawyer certainly has to be technically skilled. But it is also important that you find the lawyer that is right for you. When I work with my clients  we deal in areas which are deeply personal. Dealing in these areas requires a firm and subtle grasp of family dynamics and emotional issues in additional to legal issues.  These personal concerns must be handled with professional objectivity, personal respect, courtesy and compassion.  These concerns are central to my practice. In family law we are dealing in great detail with core issues that are central to your life; I am ever mindful that we are working with your primary family relationships; your spouse, your children, your home, your work, your finances, your property and your personal safety.  I work with all the means that are available through law to help you get the results that you want in the most efficient and helpful way.

Families with Children: Parenting Plans, Child Support and Personal Safety

Parenting Plan in King County sets forth the legal requirements for dealing with schedules, decision-making, duties, responsibilities and rights for each child and parent, including medical care, schooling, extra-curricular activities, vacations, restrictions, travel permissions, relocation of a parent, etc. Attorney David Talbert Huber has decades of experiencing assisting clients to develop their Parenting Plans through consultation, negotiation, mediation, Collaborative Law Practice, arbitration, and, as a last resort, trial.  The best Parenting Plans are generally those that are developed through cooperation when that path is available.

Financial Support for Children.  Washington law requires parents to take financial responsibility for their children.   Each legal case involving children must have an Order of Child Support based in Washington State Child Support Worksheets.  Support issues can range from the simple to the complex. Attorney David Talbert Huber understands the child-support laws of Washington, from basic child support transfer payments to complex child support situations with blended families, children in multiple families, families with special needs children, and issues of support going beyond age 18 and including post-secondary education support.

David works to understand your individual circumstances and so that he may provide you with practical, effective solutions.  He uses his education, experience,  legal skills and in-depth knowledge of child support in family law cases in King County, Washington to help you get the right results for your family.

If personal safety of yourself, or your children is a central concern for you, then there are several different ways to address these important issues.  The right approach depends upon the severity and the nature of your circumstances.  When there are psychological or emotional impairment concerns, substance abuse, alcoholism, drug additions, domestic violence, or other dysfunctions in your family, those issues must be recognized and  dealt with directly. Your lawyer must have a practical understanding of the impacts and possible solutions that are available.  David has dealt effectively over the past twenty-six years with hundreds of family law cases in King County which have these types of issues.  David is professionally recognized for his depth of experience and skill in dealing with these issues.  He has mentored and guided other lawyers in cases involving domestic violence, substance abuse, emotional impairment and related issues in legal proceedings in King County through service to the King County Bar Association, and the Washington State Bar Association.

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