Estate Planning, Wills and Probate

The Law Firm of David Talbert Huber provides clients with Estate Planning Services beginning with Estate review and recommendations for applicable legal planning tools.  Based on client needs we prepare Simple Wills, Trusts, various Powers of Attorney for Financial, Property or Health Care needs, Living Will/Directive to Physicians, Community Property Agreements, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, etc.

We also provide legal services for clients who must fulfill the duties of a Personal Representative or Estate Administrator in both Testate (with a Will) and Intestate (without a Will) Estate Administration.

Seattle Estate Planning, Wills and Probate Attorney

In the broadest terms, your Last Will and Testament directs what must happen with your worldly affairs after you pass. It allows you to designate the person you want to handle the responsibilities of marshaling and distributing your assets; finding what you have and where you have it and then following through with transfer of titles to properties and distribution of non-titled property, and financial assets to your designated beneficiaries so that they receive the gifts you want to give them.   It empowers your chosen Administrator to effectively settle all of your Estate matters through proper legal channels.

Medical Care Directives and Powers of Attorney allow you to designate the people you trust to make decisions for you if there comes a time when you are unable to do so.  When done properly, and according to legal requirements,  these instruments effectively empower someone you trust to take care of your property, finances and health concerns at times when you are alive but cannot take care of these things yourself.

We have helped many people through creation of their Wills and other planning documents.  We have guided Estate Administrators in fulfilling their duties though the Probate process in court.    This work must all be done properly, according to the legal requirements of the Revised Code of Washington and related laws.  This work is not particularly difficult, if you know what you are doing and why you are doing it.  With our guidance you can be assured that you will know what to do, you will be able do things the way they are meant to be done, and you will do them in the easiest, simplest and least costly way possible.

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